2019 GSSCC Ontario National Helper Seminar


The annual GSSCC Ontario Region National Helper Seminar is an opportunity for all IPO/IGP enthusiasts to gather for 2 days of IGP trial Helper training, with theory, practice, certification, and National Championship tryout.

Come and get knowledge about trial helper work, from fundamentals to more advanced techniques.

Open to All from beginner and up to championship level helpers.
Powerpoint presentation and training on day 1, and training + certification (from Club to National Level) on day 2.

Planned schedule for the weekend:

– 9am : meet & greet (coffee)
– 9:30am : PowerPoint presentation + discussion
– 11:30am : On the field, warm up, and training
– 1pm: Lunch
– 2pm: Training on the field
– 5:30pm: end of day

– 9am : meet & greet (coffee)
– 9:30am : Training on the field
– 12:30pm: Lunch
– 1:30pm: Certifications
– 2:30pm: National Tryout
– 3:30pm: end of day

More here


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