Good News: Update to CDC Dog Importation Policy for Dogs Entering U.S. from Canada

Important Update to CDC Dog Importation Policy
for Dogs Entering U.S. from Canada

traveldogThe U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated their policy for dog owners and importers seeking to bring a dog into the United States. The new policy focuses on high-risk countries for dog rabies and aims to reduce the burden on dog owners and importers of dogs from countries not considered high risk.

Under these changes
The most significant change to dogs entering the U.S. from Canada is that Canada will now be considered canine rabies virus variant free when importing a dog into the U.S. Dogs coming from low-risk or rabies–free countries are not required to be fully immunized or have a rabies vaccination certificate to enter the United States. This means is that a rabies vaccination certificate will no longer be required and CDC are no longer issuing unimmunized dog permits for dogs from Canada.

However, when travelers enter the United States with their dogs, they must provide written or oral statements that their dogs lived in a low-risk or rabies–free country for at least 6 months (or since birth) prior to arrival. Also note that, even if your dog is coming from a rabies free country, dogs may still be denied entry if they appear sick, or are known to have a communicable disease.

Other Regulations
In addition to CDC regulations, you will have to comply with US Department of Agriculture and your destination state’s regulations, which are often more strict than federal regulations.
Please be aware that dogs imported for commercial (i.e.resale) purposes have additional requirements from USDA.

To avoid disappointment at the border, breeders that transport dogs to the US are encouraged to confirm all importation rules and regulations prior to finalizing a contract with puppy buyers.

For more information about CDC’s import regulations, view

New BH Routine

Effective Jan 1, 2019, there are some changes to the IPO routines.

This is an overview of the BH, comparing the old and the new.

Please note – the Canadian Head Judge has noted that the off-leash heeling will continue to be part of the group exercise. (On-leash through the group as shown, remove leash, heel through group again.) If in doubt, train for both, and ask the judge in the handler meeting on trial day.

2019 GSSCC Ontario National Helper Seminar


The annual GSSCC Ontario Region National Helper Seminar is an opportunity for all IPO/IGP enthusiasts to gather for 2 days of IGP trial Helper training, with theory, practice, certification, and National Championship tryout.

Come and get knowledge about trial helper work, from fundamentals to more advanced techniques.

Open to All from beginner and up to championship level helpers.
Powerpoint presentation and training on day 1, and training + certification (from Club to National Level) on day 2.

Planned schedule for the weekend:

– 9am : meet & greet (coffee)
– 9:30am : PowerPoint presentation + discussion
– 11:30am : On the field, warm up, and training
– 1pm: Lunch
– 2pm: Training on the field
– 5:30pm: end of day

– 9am : meet & greet (coffee)
– 9:30am : Training on the field
– 12:30pm: Lunch
– 1:30pm: Certifications
– 2:30pm: National Tryout
– 3:30pm: end of day

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