How to start a club

To become a recognized club with the GSSCC the requirements are as follows:
Name Search
Once a club name has been determined it must be searched and registered using Nuans. They can be reached on line at or by phone 1-877-226-2921.

Registering as Non Profit
All clubs must be registered with the government as a non-profit organization. Obtain the form #07109 on line at or by phone 1-800-361-3223.

There are fees charged for both the name search and the registration as a non-profit organization. Fee schedules are available on line or by contacting the above listed phone numbers. The GSSCC requires a copy of the registration acceptance form or letter along with a list of 5 current club members including membership numbers, they must be in good standing with the GSSCC along with a new club membership fee of $275. The Ontario Region requires a fee of $50. once the club has been approved by the GSSCC.

Documents Required for Registration
1. Application for Incorporation of a Corporation without Share Capital, Form 2, as prescribed by the Ontario Regulations under the Corporations Act, completed in duplicate and bearing original signatures on both copies.

2. An original, Ontario-biased Nuans name search report for the proposed name of the corporation. The search report must be submitted with the application within 90 days of the production of the report.

3. A covering letter, setting out the name, address and telephone number of the person or firm to whom the Letters Patent, or any correspondence, should be mailed.

4. If the proposed name of the corporation is similar to the name of an existing corporation, organization, registered business or includes the name of a person, Companies and Personal Property Security Branch may require consent to the use of the proposed name for the corporation, organization, business or individual.