2016 Wrap-Up

Hi to All Ontario Members,                                                                          December 14 2016


Another year of outdoor training and trialing has come to an end so I would like to wish you all a successful winter training season.

The 2017 Trial and Seminar Schedule is well underway as can be viewed on the GSSCC web site under Schedule of Events.  Capital City Schutzhund Club will be hosting the Ontario Regional Championships   in  2017 on June 2 / 4 2017 with Judge Lance Collins followed by the Sieger Show and Breed Survey on June 17/18 2017 with Judge Peter Arth ( SV )

We also have an Ontario Club, Rogue Working Dog Alliance hosting the Canadian Championship /Sieger Show and Breed Survey in the Ottawa area on August 2/6 2017.  More information should be coming from the club as they move closer to the event.  Keep an eye on the GSSCC web site for any new announcements they may have.

We will be announcing in the near future the two positions on the Ontario Board of Directors that will be open for nominations in 2017. Also a friendly reminder that it is time to renew your GSSCC membership for 2017.

This past November Ontario Region ( club Niagara Hundesport ) hosted the inaugural Helper College offered by the helper committee of the GSSCC.  Most of the feedback I received was positive.  The GSSCC would welcome some feedback with suggestions on how to improve or tweak the event.  Anyone with  ideas or suggestion please send me an e-mail hank@bowdentransport.com    I think that bringing in World Class Helpers can only benefit our helper program.


I would like to wish all members of the Ontario Region a Happy Holiday and safe and prosperous New Year.


Hank Bowden

Chair Ontario Region

Ontario Region Guidelines

One of the goals of the current Board of Directors was to create a document that would help members and clubs by clarifying some of the policies that are in place in the Ontario Region. Particularly as the membership changes, new members join and old members pass away to the great Schutzhund field in the sky – and we have lost too many recently – some of the knowledge that makes the organization work is at risk of being lost.

To that end, this document has been created. This is a living document, and will be updated as required.

Ontario Region Guidelines (PDF)


Report from the World Congress on the GSD

Interesting read – a report on the proceedings at the World Congress on the GSD. Items of particular note:

  • bloodlines for the working dog are from a much wider base, with breeding for show lines being market-driven, and so from a much narrower gene pool.
  • there is no chance for a reliable genetic test for existing or future hip dysplasia.
  • a consensus that “modern dog training” for working dogs is compatible with international training rules.

Worth reading the full article.