Ontario Region Guidelines

One of the goals of the current Board of Directors was to create a document that would help members and clubs by clarifying some of the policies that are in place in the Ontario Region. Particularly as the membership changes, new members join and old members pass away to the great Schutzhund field in the sky – and we have lost too many recently – some of the knowledge that makes the organization work is at risk of being lost.

To that end, this document has been created. This is a living document, and will be updated as required.

Ontario Region Guidelines (PDF)


Report from the World Congress on the GSD

Interesting read – a report on the proceedings at the World Congress on the GSD. Items of particular note:

  • bloodlines for the working dog are from a much wider base, with breeding for show lines being market-driven, and so from a much narrower gene pool.
  • there is no chance for a reliable genetic test for existing or future hip dysplasia.
  • a consensus that “modern dog training” for working dogs is compatible with international training rules.

Worth reading the full article.