All GSSCC trials MUST have GSSCC certified helpers
In December 2006, The GSSCC introduced a National Helper Certification program. GSSCC Judge Jim Chrisp has being appointed by the GSSCC executive to lead the program. Assisting Jim are GSSCC Judge Dorwin Anderson and Teaching Helper JC Champagne. They work with the Head Judge and report to the GSSCC executive board.
The objective of the program is to:

  • Provide “standardized” education and trial helper training
  • Increase the number of trial helpers in the GSSCC
  • Promote membership involvement and participation through ongoing helper education
  • Facilitate GSSCC objectives to protect and improve the German Shepherd Dog breed as outlined in GSSCC Bylaws

For more information and a complete list of certified helpers, please visit the GSSCC Helper Program page.


Ontario’s Teaching Helpers:
Pando Stepanis
Craig Wandtke
Anthony Hartelaub
Marvin Eng (Apprentice)