Importing a dog

If you are planning on importing a dog, this page may be useful to you. Disturbingly – the governing body is the Canadian Food Inspection Agency – but presumably – that is a holdover from the days when it was mostly livestock moving around. Not actually implying that dogs are food. We hope.  😉

Probably the most obvious things you will need to know is about microchips:

Canada does not require a microchip or tattoo identification for dogs imported as personal pets. However, dogs under 8 months of age imported under the commercial category (dogs for retail sale, breeding purposes, show or exhibition, scientific research, dogs in ‘special training status’, and dogs destined for adoption and/or animal welfare organization) must be identified by an electronic microchip.


and rabies vaccines:

Dogs imported into Canada must have all necessary vaccines depending on the age of dog. A dog that is less than 3 months of age at the time of import does not require rabies vaccination. However, proof of a dog’s age must be provided on request.

Please do check the information on the site – which is very well designed – in case of changes/updates to policies.


The USA, however, does require puppies to be vaccinated for rabies before import, and stipulates that puppies under 4 months cannot be vaccinated for rabies – therefore, puppies may not travel to the US under 4 months of age. (CDC – USA)

New Trial Director

Congratulation to Jurgen Fischer – new Trial Director in the Ontario Region. Jurgen was elected by acclamation.

Dwyn Tomlinson also retains the position of Secretary Treasurer though acclamation.

The Election Chair would normally announce the election results at our AGM but Lee Hanrahan has graciously stepped aside so that Jurgen Fischer can assume the Trial Director duties immediately.  Please send all Trial inquiries to Jurgen moving forward.

We’d like to thank Lee for her service this past year and wish her well with the enormous amount of work that she has for the upcoming National event.

We also welcome Jurgen to the board of directors.

Thank you
Hank Bowden
Chair Ontario Region



Non-Region Events

Anyone who ever tried to get married on a major holiday has learned an important lesson. You get better turn-out if you don’t schedule your event to overlap another equally important event!

When scheduling an event – to try and get maximum anticipated turnout – try to pick a weekend that does not have something else going on.

Here is a list of up-coming world level events.

FCI IPO FH 2017 – April 6 – 9

WUSV Universal World Championship 2017, June 9-11, Regau, Austria

FCI IPO World Championship 2017, Sep 14-17

WUSV 2017, Oct 4 – 8

If you have an event coming up that would be of interest to other IPO and dog sport enthusiasts, we can add it to the listing here as a courtesy so that everyone is aware of what is coming up – even if it is a private seminar or non-GSSCC event. And you might even get more entries! Email details to