Non-Region Events

Anyone who ever tried to get married on a major holiday has learned an important lesson. You get better turn-out if you don’t schedule your event to overlap another equally important event!

When scheduling an event – to try and get maximum anticipated turnout – try to pick a weekend that does not have something else going on.

Here is a list of up-coming world level events.

FCI IPO FH 2017 – April 6 – 9

WUSV Universal World Championship 2017, June 9-11, Regau, Austria

FCI IPO World Championship 2017, Sep 14-17

WUSV 2017, Oct 4 – 8

If you have an event coming up that would be of interest to other IPO and dog sport enthusiasts, we can add it to the listing here as a courtesy so that everyone is aware of what is coming up – even if it is a private seminar or non-GSSCC event. And you might even get more entries! Email details to

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