Upcoming Helper College

Hi everyone!

As we should all be aware the National Helper College being hosted by Niagara Hundesport and the GSSCC Helper Committee is just around the corner, on November 4-6.   It would be a good time to have the clubs in the Region, especially the clubs that were unable to host any events this year, to donate items for the raffle.

This would also be a good time to have your dogs worked by some of the Country’s best trial helpers.  I’m sure the Helper committee would appreciate any members or clubs that could supply dog teams for this major event.

Let’s all do what we can to support this event as members and clubs of the biggest region in the nation.

Thanks and hope to see you all there.

Hank Bowden
Chair Ontario Region

Making Ontario Proud

Three Ontario Teams make the 2015 List of Top Dogs In Canada
Congratulations to:

1st Place – Checker vom Speedteam Bodensee & Shanon Rawlinson
9th Place – Ivon von der Daelenberghutte & Jurgen Fisher

Highest Obedience
1st Place – Coca Cola Betkin Dvor & Michaela Bouzkova

2nd Place – Coca Cola Betkin Dvor & Michaela Bouzkova

Two teams From Ontario Represent Team Canada
Congratulations to:

Checker vom Speedteam Bodensee & Shanon Rawlinsonz
2015 WUSV Team Canada Member

Caper vom Haus Dooling Kaltenbach (Annie) & Jennifer Jones
2016 WUSV Universal Sieger Team Canada Member

Congratulations to all the Ontario members who were fortunate
enough to trial their dogs in 2015.
Good luck to everyone in your training and trialing for 2016!